Become Involved

We love when members participate! We welcome your new ideas, your interests, and ways we can better work together. To become involved with event planning or a special interest group, please email us and let us know. There are leadership opportunities available to members of our chapter, too. To find the appropriate chairperson to contact, please see our 2018-2019 officers roster below:

Your 2018-2019 CNS Alumnae Chapter Officers

CNS Alumnae Chapter Earned the Twin Stars Award

Our chapter was honored in the 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 Fraternity Grand Conventions by meeting the rigid criteria for this prestigious award. Chapter president Elise Woulfe was our delegate this year, accepting the award on behalf. To win the Twin Stars recognition level, our chapter:

Met and surpassed the Pansy and Black & Gold Levels
Donated a minimum of 20 percent of dollars collected through all fund-raising (outside of dues collection) to Theta Foundation as an unrestricted gift or as a restricted gift to establish and fund an endowed grant or scholarship
. Had a minimum of 15 active dues-paying members
. Had some type of interaction with college seniors within the district (senior service, get-together, letters to graduating seniors, etc.)
. Held a minimum of five meetings/events
. Sent a delegate to the last Grand Convention
. Established or maintained a chapter website, and provided some type of regular communication or directory of members for its chapter
. Promoted the relevance of the Theta experience (collaborated with the marketing committee in regards to the "I am a Theta" campaign, incorporated storytelling into Founders Day, etc.)

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